private non-profit cloud

Why? Because why not. The cloud Lillith platform is built entirely on ex-corporate hardware with plenty of redundancy in place, fast SSD storage and a super fast 40gbps back-end.


The SuperServe Web App allows monitoring of the hosts utilisation, full specs and will let you know if there's any problems.

High Performance Compute

With up to 80 cores paired with NVidia GeForce, Quadro, Titan and Tesla Cards, our platform can handle the most intensive of tasks.


Nada. No costs. cloud Lillith platform is a private platform run entirely as a hobby. Not a single penny is made from it and all resources are purchased by ourselves.

Remote Access

Need to access your server whilst on-the-go? cloud Lillith platform utilises the latest technologies to allow you to access your server, anywhere.

High Performance Storage

RAID 5 SATA SSD's gives near NVME performance with redundancy. Super fast SSD storage means your VM's will fly when it comes to I/O intensive operations.

Constantly upgrading

We're always upgrading our hardware to the latest and greatest we can get our hands on to give you the best performance as possible whilst retaining power efficiency.

to be clear

cloud Lillith platform isn't a service, you can't buy, rent or explicitly use the platform.
CLP is run explicitly as a hobby which is why it's private.
No money is made from this platform and no money will ever be made from it. This is the way it always has been and always will be.